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AgReliant Genetics LLC

THE LOSS & POLICYHOLDER’S CONCERN PRIOR TO SCOPE  The roof of AgReliant Genetics' pre engineered steel building collapsed and capsized the owner's products inside the building. The genetically advanced seed…

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Cambridge Apartments

DISASTER STRIKES CAMBRIDGE COMPLEX Cambridge Townhomes is an apartment located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. On May 8, 2017, Cambridge Apartments was devastated when derecho hit the complex. As a result,…

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Faith center

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Hodges Presbyterian Church

DISASTER STRIKES HODGES Hodges Presbyterian Church, located in the small rural town of Hodges, South Carolina, was established in 1899. Since then, the church's walls have accommodated marriages, baptisms, Easter…

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Sandusky State Theatre

DISASTER STRIKES SANDUSKY Sandusky State Theatre opened in 1928, with a Page pipe organ for silent movies and other entertainment manufactured in Ohio. The theatre was known as the Schine…

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