Back in business

GC3’s comprehensive reconstruction process restores the insured’s property to like kind and quality and eliminates excess expenditure. Our exclusive vendor network provides expert performance and efficient scheduling to reduce business interruption.

How we work

GC3’s operations team selects the ideal manager to contract trade work, manage the budget, and perform at or ahead of our agreed upon project schedule.

Why we’re different

  1. Cost guarantee: GC3 agrees to perform the entirety of your rebuild for the budget confirmed between ourselves, the insurance carrier and the policyholder.
  2. Expert network: GC3’s three decades of successful partnerships ensures best-in class vendors to perform every phase of reconstruction.
  3. Transparent contracts: Our agreements are drafted as an affirmation of our partnership, not a barrier to collaboration. GC3’s Master Service Agreement and Statement of Work explains the hows and whys to how we rebuild your world.