The price is right

GC3’s estimating team offers thorough, cost-accurate reconstruction budgets. Our staff can perform your rebuild baased on the final figure we provide.

How we work

Our team reviews the scope of work performed by our loss consultant to render a detailed Xactimate budget. Our multi-sector experience provides an unparalleled approach to producing real-world construction estimates within insurance policy limits.

Why we’re different

  1. Budget build guarantee: GC3 guarantees to perform the construction work for the final agreed upon budget between ourselves, the policyholder and the insurance carrier.
  2. Market accuracy: Our team produces a final estimate that provides current* market conditions for labor and materials *(current market conditions are figures(s) accurate to the date of the confirmed final estimate)
  3. Cost savings: GC3’s multi-decade success relies on our expertise to identify savings and optimize performance. Our estimating team can identify labor and material consolidations to further drive cost control for your rebuild.