GC3’s pre-construction services focus on the design stages of a new build. The following offerings provide an independent analysis vital to the success of any construction project.

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Prior to construction, GC3  will complete a thorough analysis of the project plans and related construction documents. Our team will flag potential issues within the design and identify high-risk installations and unique challenges the builder and trades may face before construction starts. We provide documentation of items identified in the review process such as:

  • Current Building Code
  • Manufactures Specification
  • Industry Best Practices

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The geotechnical report & recommendations are essential when designing building foundations.  Sampling the entirety of  a foundation’s footprint is difficult due to cost. GC3 addresses this by providing an independent review of the geotechnical report and design drawings.

Any and all concerns discovered during our review are provided via inspection checklists to the builder and design team. These checklists will be used for our on-site observations and will assist us in identifying issues in the field that were noted during our review of the geotechnical report.

Our on-site geotechnical observations are supplemental to the inspections required by code. We’ll note geotechnical items that are typically not included, and often exceed, code requirements. The observations may include components such as: 

  • Foundations
  • Excavation
  • Grading
  • Shoring
  • Waterproofing
  • Vapor barriers
  • Slabs-on-grade
  • Drainage

Our goal is to review if the geotechnical field work aligns with the report’s recommendations and construction documents.


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