Building energy codes are regulatory instruments that specify minimum energy efficiency standards for the residential and commercial building sectors. Building energy codes commonly mandate certain energy efficiency characteristics for building technologies.

The GC3 team will help build your business case and roadmap wherever you are on your sustainability journey. We can optimize your building performance with technology that delivers substantial energy savings, we can balance the traditional conflict between cost savings and investment to achieve sustainability targets.  

Our flexible models are designed to do exactly what they say, share the risk. Sustainability models include: 

  • 45L Tax Credit – Certificate Only 
  • IECC Energy Modeling 
  • IECC Duct Leakage Test 
  • IECC Adequate Airflow 
  • IECC Air Infiltration Test 
  • IECC Thermal Envelope  
  • Dominion Energy – Thermwise 
  • Rocky Mountain Power – Wattsmart