The roof of AgReliant Genetics' pre engineered steel building collapsed and capsized the owner's products inside the building. The genetically advanced seed crop's storage facility was full due to the shipping period. The policy holder's concern was preserving as many of the products as possible.

A foot and a half of snow pitched to the middle of the building's roof. GC3 was able to stabilize the building by putting water management systems on the building's roof. The water management system contained a feed tank with an attached system to drain the roof, out to three sewer system locations.

Once the snow was cleared, the roof had to be raised four inches from the compressed point. Clearing the roof of snow then provided the opportunity for new process materials. A building assessment for safety and entry to the new building was approved with a demo contractor. A demo plan was implemented, in order to securely remove what was available of the owner's products, further confirming quality and meeting owners needs.

Another concern of the policy holder was finding a temporary space to work during the reconstruction period. GC3 was able to complete a temporary office-trailer set up.

Partially collapsed snow-covered roof


We performed a cleanup of the existing building. The insurance adjuster arrived on site the day after our loss consultant. Our loss consultant communicated with the adjuster twice a week, for a month, until the project was completed. Our project manager arrived a few days later, assisting with recovery mitigation.

A demo contractor was brought in and collaborated with our project manager to come up with an engineering shoring plan and a plan to stabilize the building.

Damaged metal wall inside building  


The rebuilding of the steel building is still in process. Demo and scaffolding crews arrived on the job site in February, along with a demo structural engineer, developing a bracing plan for the scaffold crew. Demo crew boxed up office items and moved the scaffold components into the building.

Two months later, the demo of the building was complete. Fencing arrived on site, later that day, with our project manager setting up construction fencing around the perimeter of the building area. The demo and cleanup of the site followed, with the owner removing the dock levelers out of the front dock area. GC3 recently met with an architect to review the project and is currently waiting for them to produce a quote for the services.