Updated: Dec 7, 2020


An EF3 tornado bore down on Hattiesburg, Mississippi, striking the heart of the William Carey University campus. Nearly every building, 56 to be exact, sustained significant damage. Roofs and concrete walls were torn from buildings, and doors and windows were violently blown out. Because the buildings sustained major exterior structural damage, the storm was also able to inflict massive interior water damage. Before the clouds parted, the William Carey faculty and student enrollment of 4,200 were without offices, dorms or classrooms.


Based on their positive experience using GC3 after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, William Carey knew they could count on GC3 again. GC3 reached out to the University immediately to tell them we were on the way to campus to begin recovery.

Just 24 hours after the tornado, GC3 was on site and began working with the University to manage the recovery, mitigation, and reconstruction of William Carey University, providing relief and hope in the wake of destruction.


A mere five weeks after the storm, GC3 and team had temporarily repaired the campus and welcomed WCU students back to complete the 2nd trimester. More than 50 structures were cleaned, repaired or demolished and a complete safety barrier maze had been established (which included over two miles of temporary fencing) to protect students and faculty.

By May, students and graduates completed their third trimester and departed campus right on schedule. That’s when GC3 and our team began permanent repairs on all 50 structures, which were completed by October 2017. To top it off, six new buildings are scheduled to be completed by October 2018, proving once again there’s a silver lining around every cloud.

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