Updated: Dec 7, 2020


Water inundated United Fire’s three downtown buildings in Cedar Rapids when the Cedar River crested 20 feet above flood stage, completely filling basements and rising seven feet above street level. In order to allow United Fire to keep their business functioning, we assembled an exceptional team and were hard at work in just 48 hours.


We sprayed foam decontaminate on all first-floor surfaces to allow rescue of critical office documents and equipment. Then, we used an innovative approach to cleaning without introducing additional water to the building—dry ice. We also removed asbestos from floor tile, adhesives and pipe insulation. After decontaminating, we began collecting and freezing microfilm, microfiche and paper for restoration. After that, reconstruction began on an accelerated timeline.


Two months after the flood, United Fire reoccupied the upper floors, and within six months—more than one week ahead of schedule—the building was complete. In addition to finishing ahead of schedule the project was completed $577,000 under budget.

"I chose GC3 because of our prior positive experiences with the company and I believe that they understood our corporate culture and our desire to do things right."

- Bruce K. Miller (VP - Property Claims)

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