Updated: Nov 18, 2019


A fire destroyed the interior finishes of the historical Saint Mark Catholic Church in Shakopee, Minnesota. After almost one year of struggles working with a local engineering group, the church and its insurer, Catholic Mutual, turned to GC3 to help expedite the rebuilding of their church.


Once on site, GC3 managed the process and turned a one-year struggle into a seven-month rebuild, including historically accurate reproduced plasterwork. Father William Stolzman, pastor of St. Mark, and Catholic Mutual's Dave Waller attributed the success of the rebuild to the professionalism of GC3 and project manager John Ellis.


Following a 12 month struggle to get the project from planning to reconstruction; GC3 was able to complete reconstruction within 7 months; furthermore the congregation of Saint Mark Catholic Church also experienced a $540,000 construction costs savings from the original construction budget.

"John was excellent to work with and saw the entire project was completed in a timely, professional and beautiful manner." - Father Stolzman (St. Mark Catholic Church)

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