Updated: Dec 7, 2020


Although not the victims of a fire or flood disaster, ServPro experienced a construction catastrophe when their new office building project ran into several unforeseen delays and costly overruns. So, when it came time to build their new production facility, they turned to GC3 to provide pre-construction, value engineering and general contracting services. However, during the project, the owner and architect added 5,000 sf. to the facility without increasing the budget. In addition, ServePro sold their existing structures and needed to vacate their buildings quickly.


The owners challenged GC3 to provide their 25,000 sf. structure within the original budget on an expedited timeline. We were up to the task—and then some. Through value engineering and modifications to the structure plans, GC3 was able to provide the finished structure $25,000 under budget, and the owner was still able to get their commercial two-story lift system.


When it was all said and done, GC3 delivered ServPro’s new structure completed (from grade to finished building) within seven months, allowing them to meet their obligations from the sale of their older buildings. That’s what we consider service with a smile.

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