Russo and Sons is a custom metal forming and sign fabrication operation located in Ohio. When a fire broke out it not only consumed the majority of the manufacturing plant itself, but also a number metal forming equipment resulting in a significant loss of revenue each day the business was out of operation.


Upon being contacted by Russo and Sons’ insurance carrier, GC3 immediately developed a recovery plan focused on removal and inventory of all contents; the inspection, removal, restoration, and re-certification of all metal forming equipment and smoke and soot mitigation of the undamaged portion of the structure. We also engaged a structural engineer to identify the structural needs of the most severely damaged areas of the structure.

Once the equipment, salvaged contents and undamaged portion of the structure were cleaned; equipment and contents were delivered and set-up for temporary operation; all the while permanent repairs to the fire damaged portion of the structure were underway.


Within 30 days from the date of loss (May 4, 2017), Russo and Sons was back in partial operation. By June 15, all structural repairs were complete and the company was back to operating at full capacity.

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