Updated: Dec 7, 2020


Arsonists destroyed the interior of Rapids Bowling Center, a 32,000 sf. 32-lane bowling alley. In addition to the center serving a key role in the lives of its guests, the majority of Rapids’ income was generated from September to May. The bowling center had to get rolling again—and quickly.


GC3 was onsite within 24 to assess the damage and help develop a plan for recovery. After authorization from Rapids, we cleared the interior of contents, boarded up the exterior temporarily and initiated the dry out process within just 21 days. Once the pre-construction scope of loss was completed, we began reconstruction immediately.


The project was completed April 10th, and the first bowling tournament was held just a few days later. When we calculated loss of business expenses and reconstruction costs, we estimated savings of almost $350,000. In our business, that’s like bowling the perfect game.

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