Updated: Dec 7, 2020


Palm Village Retirement Center is more than a home to retirees—it’s a community outreach program through the Mennonite Brethren Homes. So when a fire that began in a resident kitchen spread to three other units, it caused catastrophic damage to the facility and the community. Four residents were left homeless and several units sustained heavy smoke and water damage. GC3 arrived to rebuild the homes and restore hope to the residents.


GC3 tackled the project with a dual phased effort. We started by attending to the units that had smoke and water damage to allow tenants to move back in quickly. Then, we provided a detailed scope of loss, engineering services and rebuilding services to rebuild the four fire damaged units as quickly as possible.


The GC3 project manager quickly worked through the challenges of an expedited rebuild that included the coordination of Palm Village representatives, the architect, the city and the unit owner. The project was completed and residents moved back into their units just seven months after the fire. Because, to us, it’s more than a project, it’s a home.

"The information and explanation of the process and coordination with our insurance coverage made this process a positive experience to go through."

- Bill Scharback (Administrator)

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