Updated: Nov 18, 2019


A fire caused more than $3 million in damages to the Johnson Sports Center on campus. The building included a field house, three basketball courts, a gym with skybox suites, an indoor soccer field and a student area. When GC3 found out that a dinner for the University President was scheduled for April 20 in the field house, our team rallied.


Onsite less than 48 hours after the fire, we started work on Monday, March 4, on the 90,000 sf. space. By ice blasting the walls and ceilings, we removed the smoke damage. We also removed and replaced the fireproof coating on the steel frame. Trailer facilities were brought in so that summer sports clinics could continue uninterrupted.


All work was complete in just under five months and the President’s dinner was held in the nearly finished facility on the scheduled date. By August 8, when students returned to campus, the punch list items were complete and the facility was ready to host competitions once again. Game on, thanks to the recovery experts at GC3.

"Our project managers were great to work with and made the challenging process of dealing with the fire much easier. They are now honorary members of our staff."

- Rich Sanders (Athletic Director)

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