Updated: Dec 7, 2020


Saving Grace. When a kitchen fire erupted at New Bethel Baptist In Indianapolis it devastated a community and nearly cost the lives of twenty boy scouts attending a weekly meeting. Dr. Yancy (New Bethel Vice Chairman Of Trustees) and Herschell Means (trustee) arrived on site dismayed and unsure of where to begin the recovery process.

“When Herschell and I stepped into what was left of our beloved church on that cold December night, wading through the puddles and breathing in the acrid smoke of a living nightmare, there was a lot that we didn’t know. We knew we had insurance but didn’t know where to begin.” - Dr. Eric Yancy (Vice Chairman Of Trustees - New Bethel Baptist)


In short order GC3’s Chief Operating Officer Dave Bell arrived on site to assess the damage and address emergency service efforts. Bell secured a mitigation partner and hired an ice blasting contractor to clean the wood ceiling.

“Being a contractor that specializes in insurance restoration isn’t easy. Our customers don’t plan on needing a company like ours until they experience a devastating loss and a major project is forced upon them.” - Dave Bell (Chief Operating Officer - GC3)

Project Manager David Franklin met with Dave Bell in the days following the loss to begin reconstruction efforts. Immediately Franklin secured trades to reduce business interruption and return the church to operation soon as possible.


When the rebuild concluded the following fall Dr.Yancy and the trustees held a dedication ceremony commemorating the official re-open. What began as a tumultuous chapter in New Bethel's history became a transformative experience with a newly forged friendship between GC3 and the church .

Decisions were made very quickly through the construction process with discussion from Herschell and Dr. Yancy. The greatest task for me on this project was finding qualified contractors for a fair price. With all the work going on in Indianapolis and surrounding areas most of the contractors were tied up on other projects and I had to convince some of them to come work for me."- David Franklin (Project Manager - GC3)

"When we walk through the beautiful fellowship hall, touch the paint on the wall of the classrooms, or as I prepare breakfast for little ones anxiously awaiting their pancakes before Sunday School, we will always remember the special care David Franklin, agent of God, showed us." - Dr. Eric Yancy (Vice Chairman Of Trustees - New Bethel Baptist Church)

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