Updated: Dec 7, 2020


Attention To Detail. When a vicious hailstorm devastated Louisiana College, eighteen of the campus’ twenty three buildings were severely damaged. The state’s only four-year Baptist institution was in dire need of roof replacements and interior repairs in order to return to academic normalcy. GC3 and GuideOne leapt into action in the immediate aftermath of the storm to provide a path to recovery.

No building was in need of a greater reformation than Guinn Auditorium. The building served as the fulcrum for all communal activity on campus including chapel, commencements, and worship gatherings. The completion of Guinn’s reconstruction would signify both a full campus restoration and a new era in the college’s history.


College President Dr. Rick Brewer took the opportunity to frame the aftermath of the storm as opportunity to modernize the facilities. “Transformation is a central theme for Louisiana College both in the classroom and in our campus facilities… (The reconstruction work) accelerates the significant deferred maintenance facing the college.”

Working with Dr. Brewer, GC3 fashioned the famed venue into a more modern forum for campus activities. Andersen illustrated the extent of the overhaul included an equal amount of cosmetic and functional changes to make it a state of the art facility.

“The changes are significant. The obvious visual changes include a redesigned ceiling, the new side wall design, a new catwalk system and lighting upgrades. The hidden or out of sigh changes included a redesigned acoustical wall and ceiling system as well as HVAC and sound system upgrades.” – Scott Andersen (VP Loss Consulting)


Guinn’s two year reconstruction process culminated in a celebratory recommencement ceremony with a performance from Christian Singer-Songwriter Matt Papa. The facility’s latest incarnation included a new roof and sound system in addition to a cutting edge lighting system that added a dramatic enhancement to the auditorium.

Dr. Brewer touted GC3 and GuideOne’s meticulous work and their attentiveness to the concerns of the faculty during the reconstruction process.

“I suspect no one could have foreseen the extent to which (GC3 and GuideOne) consideration of our plight has elevated our spirits and revitalized the public’s perception of the college.”

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