Tall Order. Hellenic Community Center’s Metropolis Cathedral is an iconic feature of Denver’s skyline. When a hail storm damaged the facility’s golden dome Reverend Chris Margaritis and their faith community were “dismayed and overwhelmed”. GuideOne and GC3 stepped in to assess the damage and restore the building to its original glory.


Hellenic’s storm damage posed unique design challenges during the recovery process. The concrete dome was originally designed for an ultra-lightweight liquid coating roof system. Installing a more hail-resistant steel panel required the use of multiple engineering firms and two architects.

Project manager David Biggers tackled a similar sensitivity when he collaborated with the architect to design a scaffolding system that wouldn’t touch the exterior of the building.

“The design required for the scaffold system was very involved and definitely a challenge which required another engineering firm to design the scaffolding to be free-standing. This made the system sturdy enough for safety and installation while not being attached to the dome at any point.” – David Biggers (Project Manager)

VP of Roof Consulting Billy Owens visited the site throughout reconstruction and emphasized the value of longstanding subcontractor partnerships to achieve a successful project.

“Building trust with sub-partners is paramount to developing a seamless work environment. Never was that more on display than at Hellenic. We knew the companies on-site were deeply versed in both their trade and critical thinking assessments of unique project issues.” - Billy Owens (VP Roof Consulting)


GC3 concluded its onsite work with a ceremonial blessing of the completed Cathedral. Bishop Metropolitan Isaiah Chronopoulos hosted the ceremony and remarked “this is the most beautiful roof I’ve ever seen.” Reverend Margaritis lauded GC3’s work as “an extraordinary job, from beginning to end, and just as the dome gleams golden, so does the excellence in service you provided.”

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