"The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It." - Abraham Lincoln 

As we continue to grow our market-share in our legacy services (Large Loss Consulting, Reconstruction) GC3 is actively exploring new product lines that emphasize our current spectrum of expertise. Below is an accounting of new product offerings we're investigating: 

MITIGATION: COO Dave Bell has secured a vendor partnership with mitigation firm Insight Restoration LLC. Over the course of June we will finalize our GC3 Insight 'DBA' Classification and announce an official collaboration via digital & print trade media. This collaboration is a perfect opportunity to enhance our front end product model, ensuring quality and cost control with a trusted merchant

The status and measure of the partnership is as follows:


- GC3 will announce a mitigation partnership under the imprimatur GC3 Insight. Unique product and service distinctions will be promoted to great market leverage and immediate value add to insurance carriers and 

QAQC: In tandem with GuideOne National, GC3 will offer a new product line for Quality Assurance/Quality Control. The new division will partner with an experienced QAQC firm in Florida to initiate the work in a sub/vendor capacity. GuideOne National has written our service into select Excess & Surplus policies. While we benefit from the limited risk and immediate revenue we'll be developing an internal staff of forensic engineers to tackle inspection assignments. 


Florida Specialty Market - Year 1 

California Specialty Market - Year 2 

New York Specialty Market - Year 3 

Recent discussions performed during our GC3 leadership meeting spawned additional service concepts that ​our Business Development team will explore throughout the remainder of 2020. Stay tuned for monthly updates on our company's new horizons.