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In May, I celebrated my 5 year anniversary with GC3, LLC.  Prior to this I had never worked in the construction or insurance industries directly.  So how did I get here?  Well it was not exactly a linear progression.

A couple of years (okay decades) ago, I earned my bachelor degree in Ecology, which is a study of systems. This taught me to take a big picture approach and try to recognize the many moving parts that go into creating a successful system.  Truly this has always been an asset to me in my business career.  I had been working through Robert Half at various administrative roles through college, and found that I had an affinity for office work, so I pursued a business career.

My role immediately prior to this was Operations Manager and Benefits Administrator with a small recruiting firm that focused on the insurance industry. Here I developed a strong familiarity with a wide range of insurance terminology.  As the title suggests, I was also in effect our HR and payroll department. I was with this company for eleven years, as we grew from a group of 4 people when I joined, to 12 when I left.  I managed these responsibilities for both our internal employees in the home office, as well as contract employees that we provided to our clients.

The owners of this company had also built their own building to use for our own office, and two additional tenants.  It seems that everywhere I work, I seem to instill the confidence that I am able to wear many hats, although the truth of the matter is that I look terrible in hats.  Professionally though, I tend to reach many areas of each business. 

Therefore, when we acquired the building, this added the role of de facto property manager to my list of duties.  In fact, I list it on my resume as a separate job.  I managed the vendors for HVAC, fire protection, and anything else related to building maintenance.  I calculated common area maintenance for our tenant’s lease terms, and was in essence the “go-to” person when somebody needed something for the building.  I also directly marketed the property to identify our initial tenancy. When our tenants changed and we needed remodeling work, I also participated in contracting this task.

In the last 2 years before I left that company, I also assisted in the startup of a business consulting firm developed to assist financial services firms from working for larger clearing houses to creating their own brand as independent firms.  This allowed them to serve their clients in a more personal manner and putting their own stamp on their business.  I assisted with the initial web page and again, marketing of this new business, as well as HR and payroll for this company as well. 

Each of these separate “jobs” informed the way I work today.  I enjoy meeting new challenges and finding ways to continually refine processes by applying new information, skills and technology. 

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