“People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care”
― Theodore Roosevelt

Action without purpose is an aimless endeavor. In one short year GC3 has transformed both its culture and its market success. To fine tune and accelerate our direction for the future our management met in Kansas to define our common goal for the long run. 

Spearheaded by Tom Nadler and Dave Bell, our leadership retreat was a moment of reflection and ambition. Most importantly, we took the time and care to define both our responsibilities and values within a new mission statement:

"Passionate Business Professionals Exceeding Expectations While Providing Value To Those We Partner & Serve." 

The hallmark of GC3's success relies on the personal accountability and mutual support of its staff. Our professional decorum, incisive expertise and human touch provide the best experience a customer can receive in the immediate aftermath of a disaster. The more we endorse our purpose to our carrier partners and policy holders, the easier it is to reinforce expectations companywide.