July Loss Report.PNG

JULY 2020 was an experience in new opportunities for GC3. Regional stalwart Intrepid Direct Insurance (based on a performance recommendation) yielded two loss opportunities. After months of diligent work and relationship building GC3 translated our first construction opportunity with Claims Adjusting Group. July also yielded our first penetration into the general commercial business of Nationwide. These new opportunities are a testament to the strident application of our new Standard Practices and our principle emphasis on project productivity. 

CARRIER LIST: The following carrier partners provided engagements through the month of July:

- Claims Adjusting Group 

- Integrity/Grange

- Nationwide Agribusiness

- Nationwide Commercial 

- United Fire Group 

- West Bend Mutual 

- Intrepid Direct Insurance 

CAG JOB CONVERSION : After two quarters of consistent collaboration GC3 was awarded its first construction project with California's Claims Adjusting Group. The conversion is a testimony to Brad Knudsen's growing relationship with Kenneth Null and the entire GA staff at CAG. With another potential construction conversion on the table (Willow Park Apartments) Claims Adjusting Group is positioned to become our next great national carrier partner. 

NEW CARRIER RELATIONSHIP: Intrepid Direct Insurance is an Overland, Kansas based insurance firm that proffered two consulting opportunities in July. The relationship was fomented from a recommendation stemming from Dave Probasco (Property Claims Advisor - Continental Western Group). Expect more work 

NATIONWIDE EXPANSION: One of the principle objectives of our carrier relationship with Nationwide Agribusiness was to expand work to their general commercial business. In July Dave Bell fomented an opportunity with adjuster Brett Brown to secure our first consulting opportunity with their general large loss team. With a concentrated foothold in Iowa expect a stronger regional book of business from Nationwide proper in the months to come.