As carriers craft a more dynamic approach to claims, partnering with the right consultant  is key. GC3  is uniquely positioned to offer the expertise, information, and cost control to optimize the outlook of a large loss the moment the claim is submitted.


GC3's storied success of carrier partnerships starts with our understanding of the industry's needs. When we're hired we immediately identify the issues affecting policy limits to curtail cost. Our consultants are equipped with multi-decade experience in the emergency service and mitigation industries and can reduce excess expenditure in billings. 


Accurate Large Loss Claims require expert vetting. Our consultants merge their years of experience with industry best technologies to render the best verdict for the claim. Our documentation is inclusive of (but not limited to) the following:

First Report: Within days of the loss GC3 will furnish a concise document identifying the preliminary scope, a rough order magnitude for the reconstruction along with a period of restoration to execute the work. The document includes photo identification from the loss and areas of concern that require immediate attention. 

Virtual Walk-through: When GC3 arrives on-site we composite a three dimensional virtual walk-through that allows the adjuster to review the scope of the loss remotely from their office. GC3 will host the virtual capture of the loss for five years following the initial documentation.