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According To Science News 25 Storms (twice the average number) are expected to make landfall during the 2020 CAT Season. GC3's ability to translate these loss opportunities to construction projects will rely upon the preparation of resources with our vendor partners during the emergency service work. With that in mind we reached out to Brianna Pupello (United Rentals) to offer the 4 key steps to CAT Prep.

4 Key Tenets Of Vendor Prep For CAT Season: 

1 – Lead Time & Vendor Relationships:

Its paramount to develop a multitude of vendor relationships and offer historical data to substantiate the needs of your staff in the immediate aftermath of a loss. Furthermore the ability to consolidate partnerships regionally and national ensures that your response time never presents an issue to the policy holder or insurance carrier. 


2 – Consider Your Power Source:

What is the status of the electric grid in the city/region? Does the property suffering a loss have alternate generators to power emergency service efforts? Do you have sustainable energy to maintain your observational presence to work? 


3 – Is It A Hazardous Environment?:

What company/organization operated in the building suffering the loss? Did they retain/manufacture components that can pose potential health hazards? 


4- How Will You Remove Materials?:

Scoping a loss site in the immediate aftermath of a catastrophe is far more difficult if you don't have a safe working environment to perform the inspection. Do you have a vendor that can clean and provide a clear operating space to conduct the scope?