Training Day: GC3 Roof Training

May 06, 2019Uncategorized

Training Day. Q1 2019 saw the inaugural offering of GC3’s Roof Training Program. Spearheaded by Billy Owens (VP Roof Consulting) the quarterly training sessions are an opportunity for insurance adjusters, agents and claims managers to learn the do’s and don’ts of identifying roof damage. The first class debuted March 25th with adjusters from nearly a dozen carriers in attendance. Property Claims Manager Douglas Strub (Continental Western Group) lauded the dynamic aspects of the training as well as Owens’ comprehensive command of the industry.

“With much of the adjusting done from the desk in today’s world, the live EPDM / TPO demonstrations provided a great opportunity to better understand the products and installation process.  Who would of guessed Velcro and EPDM would have been mentioned in the same sentence!  Billy is a real asset to our Insurance Claims industry.  We respect his no nonsense approach to call it like it is.  Not only is he an expert in the roofing trade, but he has the ability to translate the technical aspects into ways others understand.  We very much appreciate the invitation to send our staff to this recent roofing training.  Thank you Billy and GC3!”   ~Douglas Strub ( Property Claims Manager- Continental Western Group)

Billy Owens is uniquely positioned to merge the worlds of insurance and roof consulting. Prior to his tenure at GC3, Owens served as a National Property Claims Supervisor and Catastrophe Coordinator for GuideOne Insurance. Owens heralded the level of enthusiasm and active dialogue in both Q1 sessions

“The level of attentiveness and detail surrounding each session’s Q&A was phenomenal. Adjusters were able to get the most from each class because they came prepared and were ready to learn.”   ~Billy Owens (VP Roof Consulting)

The second training session was hosted by Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance April 3rd and resulted in a more tailored discussion. Adjusters, Claims Managers and Executives were able to emphasize points of interest during Q&A that reflected the specific needs of the company’s policy holders.  Reinsurance Claims Analyst Cayce McGinnis lauded Owens for his ability to answer questions deftly and expressed interest in Farmers hosting future training sessions.

“(Billy) was very engaging and kept the interest of the audience. He was able to answer everyone’s questions with ease. There are so many different types of roofing materials and different guidelines, I would like to see him again in the future talking about other aspects that time did not allow for.”   ~Cayce McGinnis (Reinsurance Claims Analyst – Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance)

GC3 Q2 Roof training will be held at GuideOne Academy on Wednesday, June 12th. RSVP here to reserve your seat & stay tuned to for updates.