Three Legged Stool: The Value Of Crisis Partnerships

September 11, 2018Uncategorized

Teamwork. Nothing was more vital to William Carey’s success story than the mutual trust of WCU, GuideOne Insurance and GC3. The trio originally formed a bond in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina when the campus was first torn apart by Mother Nature. When disaster revisited Hattiesburg via an F3 tornado in January 2017, the longstanding partnership paid dividends, expediting the mitigation and recovery process.

The bellwether to the successful campus recovery was the first 29 days. GuideOne and GC3 worked with WCU to ensure that the first semester of 2017 began uninterrupted on February 20th. The Recovery Team met to assess the immediate concerns and have the campus open for business. A workforce averaging 500 personnel worked seven days a week (often in 3 shifts) to hit the collective benchmark in the first month.

GC3’s Scott Andersen (VP – Loss Consulting) cites longstanding relationships with local contractors for the immediate mitigation and reconstruction in the aftermath of the tornado. “Without those relationships we couldn’t have even started (recovery) in 29 days let alone accomplish 13 million in repairs.”

Operating an itemized recovery list became paramount. Andersen recalls the importance of prioritizing the campus so a succession of clear objectives could be met. “On Day 2, we took the time to number the Campus Building Plan per the owner’s immediate need. During each meeting we reviewed the status. All contractors had a copy of the plan. (William Carey’s) priorities were drilled down to all levels.”

The Recovery Team (WCU/GC3/GuideOne) continued to meet daily throughout the summer. By the time the School of Business was completed in October, the campus was thriving. Admission rates increased following the disaster, proving that the right plan and the proper partners make all the difference.