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When a fire ravaged Sword Of The Spirit Ministries in Chicago it eroded the stability of a historical institution. In order to extinguish the fire the CFD cut out a large part of the roof membrane, a necessary measure that ultimately posed greater recovery issues . GC3’s expedience in restoring and rebuilding the property were paramount in reviving the vitality of the city’s greater faith community. 


Project Manager Don Brusseu spearheaded the recovery effort with an extensive overhaul of the damage suffered in the chapel and the corresponding rooms. 

“The interior of the chapel was severely damaged from the water used to put out the fire in the attic. The drywall on one side was completely soaked and we had to remove the carpeting. Complete ceiling systems had to be removed.” - Don Brusseau

Brusseu met weekly with Pastor William Howell to diagnose the progress of the building’s recovery, an engagement that offered transparency and reinforced the partnership between GC3 and the church. “We met weekly on site and spoke on the telephone several times a week. They were totally engaged in the restoration process.” 

Competing against an impending winter posed the greatest threat to a timely completion date. Brusseau’s deft planning provided a permanent solution for the roof damage while allowing the recovery operations to continue despite the inclement weather. “Finding the right roofing contractor was key. (The roofing company) worked with GC3 to provide a lasting “temporary roof overlay” knowing we couldn’t finish until spring. This allowed the interior work to proceed all winter.”  


Sword Of The Spirit relaunched just nine months after the fire. Pastor Howell lauded Brusseau’s management, technical acumen and personal approach to restoring the church. 

“ (Don’s) guidance, expertise, attention to detail and consideration have been a tremendous blessing to us, and we will never forget it. - Minister William P Howell Jr. ”