Covenant Harbor Bible Camp

Lake Geneva, WI




House of Worship Camp


Emergency water evacuation, structure drying, selective demolition, piping repairs, alarm system restoration, drywall, paint, wood trim, acoustic ceilings, attic insulation, electrical rewiring and replacement of select light fixtures


Water in the fire sprinkler piping in the attic froze and burst the pipes, causing a flood of water from the attic down through three stories of the lodge building.


GC3 was already working on another building at the camp, nearing completion on recovery from a major fire, and was able to respond promptly. This building is in near constant use, so the camp had to move activities to other buildings on campus, but stated they needed some rooms available for occupancy in 2 weeks, and nearly all of the building available for use in 3-1/2 weeks due to camp commitments with groups scheduled.

First Week

GC3’s restoration contractor brought in equipment to vacuum out the majority of the standing water, and then brought in several drying systems to dry the structure. GC3’s electrician isolated circuits that were water damaged to make the building safe, then proceeded to remove wet fixtures and devices, and provide temporary power connections for the drying equipment. Some drywall ceilings collapsed from water, and others had to be removed due to water damage.   Wet insulation was removed from the attic. Baseboards in the hallways and selected areas were removed and holes drilled in the drywall walls to facilitate drying in the stud cavities.

Second Week

(Shortened week due to Christmas holidays) There were enough rooms available to dry out without any other damage to meet the first 2 week deadline for partial occupancy, so this was accomplished. As soon as the structure was dry, GC3 brought in a drywall contractor to hang and finish drywall ceilings and to make patches in other ceilings where openings were cut to facilitate drying. As this occurred at the start of the winter season, insulation was installed back in the attic as soon as the drywall ceilings were in place. An acoustic ceiling contractor was brought in to replace the acoustic ceiling tile in the dining and meeting rooms on ground floor. The fire alarm panel and system had to be replaced due to building code, so this was ordered and rushed back into service. The electricians pulled new wire in the rooms that were water damaged the most.

Third Week

(Between Christmas and New Year holidays) Painters and trim carpenters were brought in as soon as the drywall was complete. Drywall had to be painted, baseboard replaced, and the electrician installed replacement light fixtures and devices.


With some juggling of meeting locations, the camp was able to meet all activity commitments without any interruption, and was able to meet deadlines with all groups attending.