Concord Heights Baptist Church

Hueytown, AL




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When a devastating series of EF4 and EF5 tornados ripped through Alabama in April, 2011, 128 people were killed, houses were destroyed, and businesses and government buildings were decimated. Caught in the middle of the destruction was Concord Heights Baptist Church. Both the sanctuary and the family life center were a structural total loss. And because the entire city was at a standstill, city services and power were unavailable to help with recovery. This was a going to be a massive effort—and GC3 was committed to seeing it through.


The project began as an immediate massive cleanup effort in an attempt to salvage and store useable contents. And, because both structures were destroyed, the project went from restoration and reconstruction, to new construction. That meant it now required new architectural design in conjunction with new city code compliance requirements. We were there to help manage every step of the process.


Nearly two years after the massive tornado outbreak, the congregation opened their new sanctuary and fellowship hall. Our stalwart team stood by the community throughout the extended cleanup process, the design phase and the permitting process. Now the church is more than a house of worship—it’s the cornerstone of a new beginning for the community.