Cambridge Townhouse Apartment Complex

Cedar Rapids, Iowa




Apartment Complex


Disaster Response Planning

Site Safety

Fire, Water and Smoke Mitigation Management

Site Demolition/Clean Up

Detailed Scope of Loss

Construction Management

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Regular Progress Reports


What was described as an “explosion” by residents triggered a large fire at Cambridge TownHomes in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, destroying the roof of the building and several units, due to smoke and water damage. All residents of the 12-unit building were evacuated and displaced. Firefighters say the flames were so large, crews were forced to pull out of the building and extinguish the fire using the ladder truck.


Upon receiving the Cambridge Apartment assignment, GC3 consultants arrived onsite the following day to assess the damage and begin a reconstruction plan. GC3 worked closely with the property’s owner and insurance company to develop a scope of loss, pricing for the structure repairs as well as with the City of Cedar Rapids for permitting. Once GC3 was given the authority to move forward with repairs, the fire scene was secured and demo crews began to clean the site and prepare for reconstruction.


Seven months later, the structure had a new roof, with all 12 apartment units completely refinished and ready for new tenants. GC3 succeeded in completing this project on time, under budget and, most importantly, with very happy clients.