Nashville Winter: GC3 Builds Bridge To 2019 At Nashville PLRB

December 02, 2018Company News

GC3’s greatest attribute is its personnel. A selection of the company’s best ambassadors met with a diverse spectrum of industry specialists at PLRB’s Large Loss conference in Nashville. The premier annual gathering provides a unique opportunity for heavyweights from commercial insurance and contracting to discuss the future. Spearheaded by a collection of senior executives the team worked diligently in proffering new partnerships and leading the way to dynamic company growth in 2019.

Vice President Tom Nadler champions the conference’s unique value in strengthening relationships and forging new opportunities:

“PLRB provided a gateway to introduce our clients to our consulting staff and enhance partnerships leading into the new year. The conference is an ideal setting to collaborate with forward thinking companies who share a progressive view of the construction and insurance fields.” – Tom Nadler (VP – Business Development/Large Loss Consulting)

Technology and innovation have led to both exciting change and drastic departures from industry standard practices for both insurance and construction. GC3’s unique merger of experience and ingenuity provide the ultimate value added partnership for subcontractors and insurance carriers alike. 2019 will see the debut of the GC3’s restoration company, an ambitious step in providing quality comprehensive services for policy holders nationwide. 

Vice President Dave Bell lauded the conference’s ability to extend GC3’s vision to forward thinking partners for years to come:

“Having the opportunity to meet with old industry friends and make new ones in a very cool setting always makes PLRB a worthwhile experience.  We are especially excited to receive affirmation that GC3’s new emergency mitigation and consulting services will be a welcome addition to the insurance partners we serve.  2019 is going to be an exciting year!” (VP – Restoration Services) 

GC3 is excited to continue it’s partnership with PLRB to launch innovative product solutions and forge lasting relationships in the large loss field.