Job Conditions & General Conditions: Part 2

September 13, 2017Job Conditions

Job conditions and general conditions are many times used to reference the same items in an estimate. These items are not visible in the physical property when the job is complete, but are necessary to carry out the work. They are an indispensable catalyst that must be present for a project to be built regardless of whether the project is a renovation or a totally new structure. GC3 breaks the items into two categories: job conditions and general conditions. This is the second article, in a series of two that addresses the General Conditions.

are defined as those activities that occur off-site but are needed to organize, manage, or support the work. They include:

  • Architect design fees
  • Engineer design fees
  • Building permit & plan review fees
  • Project Executive
  • Hazardous material analysis
  • Insurance

The choice of firms to complete the architectural and engineering design services is crucial to the success of a project. The designers should be experienced in the type of structure involved and the project locale. Knowledge of local, state, and national codes will help ensure a timely approval of drawings and final acceptance of the project by governing officials. Knowledge of building types and materials reduce the risk of changes after the building drawings are bid and the project is under construction. Savings are substantially more when they are made prior to rather than after construction begins.

Building permit and plan review fees are mandated by law and must be paid to governing authorities. GC3 seeks out local officials to foster a working relationship early in the process. This works to the insureds advantage later when the project is being inspected for final completion.

Project Executives are professional constructors with three to four or more decades of experience with the materials, systems, equipment, and trades used to restore and construct buildings. They add another level of review to your project that is difficult to replicate. Project Executives are focused on safety of the public and tradesmen, quality of the project, schedule, and monetary aspects of the project. The Project Executive gets results and saves your money.

Hazardous material testing and analysis is mandated by law and must be completed prior to any demolition activities on-site. GC3 has a nationwide network of firms to complete this work with a rapid turn-a-round. The removal of hazardous materials, once identified, must be contracted directly with the building owner. GC3 subcontractors can begin work on-site once a “Clearance Report” is issued.

GC3 recognizes the value of assembling the proper mix of general conditions for your unique project. Every project is different and GC3’s experience, knowledge, and dedication to detail results in the right choice for your general conditions.


Thomas Stockdale, P.E., M.ASCE, MBA is GC3’s Vice President of Estimating & Preconstruction Services. Tom’s background includes forty years of engineering and commercial construction experience. You may contact Tom at 515-267-2488 (o) or 515-210-5630 (c) or by emailing him.