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August 25, 2017Scope Of Loss

In an earlier blog, I talked about managing the chaos around a large commercial property loss. We are there primarily to document the damage. But as a commercial general contractor specializing in large loss, we can bring in a lot of varied resources to help the policyholder, and insurance company, get on the road toward recovery quickly.

One such resource may be bringing in a temporary fence to encircle a site for security. We may also need to bring in a crew of framing carpenters to shore up part of the structure for access, or to repair some rafters and roof sheathing so the structure can be made weather tight.

The origin and cause team may need resources such as a crane or other equipment to remove debris and gain access to areas of damage. We provide those resources, and assist that team where necessary. On a fire, the origin and cause team has priority, until they turn the site over to us.

We might bring in electricians to isolate the damaged circuits and work with the power company and permit authorities to restore power to portions of the undamaged building. This could minimize the need for expensive generators and fuel, as well as shorten business interruption. We will also string temporary lighting through the damaged areas so that cleanup work can begin.

Frequently, we will bring in the appropriate restoration contractor to handle the contents, and clean or dry the structure. Working in partnership with a restoration contractor goes a long way toward eliminating waste, and doing the right things to the materials that need attention. We monitor their manpower and equipment, to review for appropriateness, and to compare with the invoices submitted at completion.

By this time, we already have structural engineers evaluating the structure, and an environmental consultant doing a survey for hazardous materials.

All of these people are going to need temporary toilets and dumpsters, which we provide.

The policy holder may want to set up administrative operations in portable office trailers. We have multiple sources for temporary trailers. But they also will need electrical power, water and sewer services, as well as city permits with appropriate site drawings, and usually, handicap ramps. We complete this package for our customers, frequently, on large losses.

We will hold regular on-site meetings with the policy holder, and appropriate specialty contractors, to coordinate the work, and keep everyone communicating. On a large loss, these meetings occur daily at the start, and less frequently as work progresses. The adjuster is also invited to these meetings, which are usually pretty interesting and informative.

With our experience in property loss, we can efficiently provide the appropriate equipment, materials, and manpower to accomplish what needs to be done at the proper times. Large sums of money can be spent very quickly, and this is where having the right people making the decisions, can eliminate a lot of waste.

As a general contractor licensed to work in 46 states, we are helping our customers recover from disasters, coast to coast, in the USA.


Eric Johnson; Vice President of Loss verification Services. Eric specializes in commercial insurance property losses. He is an expert at helping organizations recover from disaster. He has worked losses from 7 major hurricanes, and countless tornadoes, fires, collapses and floods. He has consulted on commercial insurance losses in over 31 states, and with his team of project managers, has managed construction projects in 25 states. You may contact Eric at 515-267-2486 (o) or 817-798-2335 © or by emailing him.