All For One: GC3 Builds Future In October Company Session

November 05, 2018Company News

All For One. GC3 prides itself on rebuilding your world. Last month, the entire staff convened in Des Moines to collaborate on plans for company growth. Hosted at The Drury Inn, our senior management, loss consultants, project managers and estimators brainstormed ways to improve work efficiency and enhance personnel camaraderie. The two-day event was capped with our annual award ceremony honoring employees of varying seniority for their contributions to the company.

2018 saw a new approach to company training; open forum dialogue. While senior management addressed big picture items our staff were able to workshop new approaches to company development. Project Manager David Biggers was intrinsically involved in the team dialogue and remarked on the importance of the session. With more than 12 years of construction experience, Biggers understands the value of transparent communication and saw the added value in the new open forum training format:

“The format was different this year as it has been in the past. This year the focus was more of an open forum. Although the topics were outlined in “broad stroke” fashion, it was great in that involvement of all team members was highly encouraged. Opinions and ideas were brought out and there was good collaboration among all present. Different perspectives and thought processes became evident during discussions. Any new information or problem-solving ideas that someone can take away from this propagates an enhancement to the strength of the team.” – Dave Biggers (GC3 Project Manager) 

The most integral part of the training was GC3’s collaborative forum with parent company GuideOne Insurance. Curated by Erin Barfels, Patti Meyer and Annette Jordan, GC3 crafted a plan to enhance the long-term objectives of ‘The Enterprise.’ Discussion centered on new technologies and products that serve to enhance the future of both companies.

Patti Meyer (GuideOne Human Resources Business Partner) emphasized the importance of enhancing the common vision between both companies to accelerate growth.

“As we look to the future of GuideOne and GC3, it was a great opportunity to come together and take a strategic look at how we can build an even stronger partnership. To be able to sit and talk through the possibilities of what that could look like and the impact on our collective future was exciting!”

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