Adjuster Insider: GuideOne Insurance Offers 4 Keys To Success After A Large Loss

November 05, 2018Scope Of Loss

When disaster strikes for a policy holder, their world is in disarray. Most owners experience a uniquely stressful circumstance with no prior guidance. In the aftermath of a catastrophic event, it’s vital to understand exactly how your claims adjuster can contribute to the recovery process. Jim Balzarine has over a decade of experience in the Property Claims arena and oversees the Large Loss Team for GuideOne Insurance. We spoke with Jim to determine four key steps any policy holder can take to reduce stress and operational concerns in the aftermath of a disaster.

Scaffolding on St. Mary’s Church In Davenport IA.  (July 2017) 

Key #1: Contact your insurance agent or your insurance carrier right away and get a claim filed. 

The earlier we can respond to the claim the less stressful the claim process will be for you. While this might be the first time you have had to file a claim, our adjusters have an average of 20 years of experience and they have assisted thousands of customers through this stressful time.  The adjuster can help explain your insurance policy and coverages to you, help you identify resources that can assist in getting temporary repairs completed, begin putting damage estimates together, and provide you with contact information from vendors that can assist in mitigating the loss.

Fire damage inside The Refuge Church in Lubbock TX. (August 2017)

Key #2: If your loss is the result of a fire try not to disturb the scene. 

One of the first things the adjuster will want to do is to have an origin and cause expert investigate the fire to see if they can determine where and why the fire started.

Stage framing inside Concho Valley Othrodox Presbyterian Church in Concho AZ. (April 2018)

Key #3: Identify a main contact for your organization. 

This will provide the adjuster with one person to communicate with on a claim.  Even if decisions for your organization are made by a board or committee, having one main contact ensures the communication process runs smoothly.

Tornado-ravaged gym at William Carey University in Hattiesburg MS. (January 2017) 

Key #4: If your organization has a business continuity recovery plan share it with the adjuster. 

Our goal is to have you up and running as quickly as possible.  Your business continuity recovery plan will assist the adjuster in understanding your organization’s needs.

Jim Balzarine is Property Claims Manager at GuideOne Insurance. For further information on Guide One’s property policies visit GuideOne’s official website today.