Roof Safety

Spring, summer, and fall are heavy roofing seasons in the construction industry which presents severe hazards such as falls. When working with
roofing crews on a job site, below are a couple of OSHA requirements to look for with your roofing crews:

Fall Protection:

Take steps to ensure workers inspect their lanyards prior to each use for tears, deterioration or knots and to ensure specification tags are in place. Defective or non-compliant lanyards shall be tagged and removed from service immediately as needed. [reference 1926.502(d)(21)]

When using a warning line system, take steps to ensure it is erected around all open sides of the working surface where a fall hazard may exist such as a hole large enough to fall through, unprotected leading edge or an exposed roof ledge. Periodically inspect the warning line to ensure it’s maintained as required. [reference 1926.502(f)(1)]